For Officers 

We Are Here to Serve YOU.

How do we serve officers in the field? 

  • Assist officers in death notifications

  • Assist and support victims in times of crisis

  • Respond to suicide incidents

  • Serve as part of a crisis response team

  • Counsel officers, as well as family members

  • Provide instruction in stress management, family life, ethics and pre-retirement

  • Hospital and home visits

  • Serve as officiant at family weddings and funerals


Most officers enter law enforcement with a desire to help others and serve their communities.  They often do what others can’t do, or won’t do. The vast majority serve with professionalism, yet are often misunderstood or distrusted by those who have little understanding of the job they do.

While many acknowledge the regular stress and trauma law enforcement officers experience, studies differ regarding its long term personal and mental health effects.  What IS known is that alcohol abuse, divorce and suicide rates appear to be higher among police officers when compared to the general population.  

Today many law enforcement agencies provide their officers some great resources through Employee Assistance Programs. Unfortunately, many officers perceive these services as being impersonal, or a way for supervisors to track issues which may be exposed. Due to the law enforcement culture, officers often become hesitant to express any needs for fear it will hinder consideration for future positions within their agency or even blemish their career. 

The chaplain offers a regular personal presence and understands the stresses and challenges faced by law enforcement. Meeting off-site, where an officer may feel more comfortable, the chaplain can prove to be a safe, friendly and confidential resource.


When utilized in conjunction with Employee Assistance Programs, or Peer Support Teams, chaplains can help officers develop healthy ways in dealing with the unique challenges they face.


If your department does not have a chaplaincy program in place, contact your departmental command staff and let them know Blue Line Chaplains are ready to serve.


If you are an officer in need of help, we are available to you whether your department is in the network or not. Please call Bob Goodsell anytime at (608) 217-6201.

Bob Goodsell

Lead Chaplain


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