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For Chaplains


Our Vision: To recruit, train and network a growing team of chaplains to serve law enforcement throughout Dane County, Wisconsin and the United States.

We are continually receiving requests from law enforcement agencies for chaplains. If you sense God leading you to serve, we look forward to talking with you.



We encourage all our chaplains be trained by the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). ICPC offers twelve basic classes that will prepare chaplains in understanding the needs and culture of law enforcement. Upon completion of the basic classes chaplains can receive ongoing advanced training from ICPC.


Much of what a chaplain learns is by participating in ride-alongs and in-service training with their assigned departments. In time, it is advisable to become certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) in order to help officers debrief after critical or traumatic incidents.


Police chaplains are certified but carry no law enforcement authority. Their role does require an understanding of the unique challenges officers and their families face on a daily basis.

The role of police chaplain can be a very demanding position as our services can be requested at all hours of the night, under all kinds of conditions. We are bound by the same ethics as law enforcement officers, especially when it comes to confidentiality, as well as by departmental policies and procedures.


The position requires a very special man or woman; the individual must be willing to be carefully screened before being appointed, the position is unpaid, and the work can be extremely unglamorous and boring (just like police work). The police chaplain serves as a very visible embodiment of the department’s ethics, and may serve as a representative of the department at public functions. Accordingly, the selected individual must be someone who will fit the needs, culture and image of the department.


Our chaplains are sworn in using the same oath of office as the rest of the department, and are bound by the same Policy and Procedure manual as the Officers in terms of confidentiality, ethics and protocols. They also have an open invitation to ride with an Officer at any time, following the same guidelines as a civilian ride-along.

If you have a qualified background and have the sincere desire to serve our people in law enforcement, please contact us.

Bob Goodsell

Lead Chaplain


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