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Providing law enforcement with accessible, competent and confidential chaplain support


Blue Line Chaplains is a growing network of independent Christian chaplains committed to providing law enforcement officers and their agencies accessible, competent and confidential chaplain support. We serve all officers without regard to religious, racial, social or gender bias.

What We Do


Chaplaincy is best described as a "ministry of presence." As such, we are best viewed as volunteer members of the departments we serve as we "loiter with intent" with access to the department's facilities and training. The intent is for officers to get to know and trust us so they feel comfortable enough to call us for guidance in their personal or professional lives. They appreciate talking to someone who understands the challenges and stressors they encounter in their work.

Specific ways chaplains may be used:

  • Assist in death notifications

  • Assist and support victims in times of crisis

  • Respond to suicide incidents

  • Serve as a member of a crisis response team

  • Facilitate critical incident debriefings

  • Serve as a resource for counseling for members of the agency and their families

  • Deliver an invocation or benediction at public ceremonies

  • Provide pastoral care as requested by officers (ie. prayer, Bible studies, visitations, baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc.)

Who We Serve


As experienced law enforcement chaplains, we have served dozens of local, county and state law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and Illinois. We have also helped numerous agencies establish their own chaplain programs as an integrated part of a three-pronged approach to an officer wellness program of employee assistance program (EAP), peer support and chaplains.

To best serve our brothers and sisters in blue, all our chaplains receive basic and ongoing professional training through the International Conference of Police Chaplains. We will help provide this training to your current or prospective chaplains.

If you would like to learn more, please call or email to discuss establishing a chaplaincy in your department. There is no charge, or obligation. We want to serve you!


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